• Where is Cache available?

    Cache is currently available in the United States, United Kingdom, European Union, India and UAE. We are working on making new countries available.

  • What currencies does Cache support?

    Cache currently accepts USD, GBP, EUR and INR for topping up your Base Coin account. Your default currency is automatically detected based on the location in which you sign up.

    If your local credit card allows for currency exchange to top up your account with us, it can use other currencies for top up – yet you will likely incur currency exchange fees set forth by your own bank. Stay tuned as Cache will be accepting other currencies in the future.

  • How can I add money to my Cache Account?

    You can use the same common payment methods you would use elsewhere to deposit or transfer funds. A debit card, credit card, or bank transfer will all work with you Cache Account.

  • What is a Base Coin?

    A Base Coin is a digital representation of funds you can top up your account with. Base Coins are a digital currency that can be used just like cash, anywhere Mastercard is accepted with your Cache Payment Card.

  • How much is a Base Coin worth?

    You will receive 1 Base Coin for every $1 you have topped up your account with. For example, if you top up your account with 100 Base Coins it’s the equivalent of $100. If your default currency is not USD, you will receive the current exchange rate equivalent of your local currency in Base Coins.

  • Can I transfer my Base Coins outside of Cache to another bank account or card?

    Yes, you can transfer your Base Coins back to your original bank account. However, if you take out any Cache Coins that you have converted to Base Coins, you will incur a 50% fee on withdrawing those earned funds.

  • Can I spend with my Cache Payment Card outside of the application?

    Yes, you can pay wherever Mastercard is accepted, just like cash, in the form of a digital payment card in your mobile device. We are working on providing you with a physical card to use at offline merchants by the end of the year.

  • Is there a minimum or maximum account balance?

    In order to get started, there’s a low minimum account balance of $10 or your currency equivalent. The current maximum account balance is $10,000, or your currency equivalent.

  • How much do I earn every month on my Base Coin balance?

    You can earn up to 2% on your minimum account balance in Cache Coins each month. Which leads us to our next question…what’s a Cache Coin? We’re so glad you asked.

  • What is a Cache Coin?

    A Cache Coin is a digital representation of funds you can receive as a loyalty bonus, rewards, or cashback. In essence, your Cache Coins are like cashback, only better. You can earn Cache Coins two ways.

    The first is by maintaining a Base Coin account balance with Cache.

    The second is through our network of over 2500+ brands who offer cash back when you purchase with your Cache Payment Card. This cash back is converted into Cache Coins.

  • How much is a Cache Coin worth?

    One Cache Coin is redeemable for the equivalent of 1/100 USD. If your default currency is not USD, the value would be the equivalent in your local currency at the current exchange rate with USD.

    For example: 100 Cache Coins = $1
    1,000 Cache Coins = $10
    10,000 Cache Coins = $100

  • Do you accept crypto currency?

    No we do not accept any crypto currencies as payment, only fiat funds.

  • How do I spend my Cache Coins?

    Think of your Cache Coins as cash back, only better. When you convert your Cache Coins into Base Coins, you can spend them anywhere Mastercard is accepted as long as you are using your Cache Payment Card.

  • How often do I receive Cache Coins?

    Cache Coins are frequently and automatically deposited into your account, we like to call it #CacheDay. You receive Cache Coins based on the minimum balance in your Base Coin account over that period, in addition to the Cache Coins you earned for spending with your Cache Global Spending Card. It’s like payday, only better.

  • How many Cache Coins do I earn on spending with my Cache Payment Card?

    As a Cache Member, you’ll receive exclusive rewards when you spend at one of our 2500+ merchant partners. Rewards vary by merchant, and you will find the current earning rate by merchant for spending with our card in the app when the experience platform launches (coming soon!)

  • Can I redeem my Cache Coins into any currency?

    When you make payments on your global spending card in any currency, your Cache Coins can be utilized at the current exchange rate between USD and the currency you pay in, lowering prices everywhere you use it. You can utilize the Cache Coins against your spending over the last 30 days.

    Example: You’ve spent 500 Base Coins ($500) in the past 30 days with your Cache Payment Card, and you have 5,000 ($50) Cache Coins. You choose to convert all of these Cache Coins. So, 5,000 ($50) Cache Coins are deducted from your account and 50 ($50) Base Coins are deposited into your Base Coin account. Remember, Base Coins can be spent just like cash wherever MasterCard is accepted.

  • Are my funds protected by a deposit insurance scheme like FDIC in the US, FSCS in the UK or the European deposit guarantee scheme?

    No, we are not a bank and therefore do not offer deposit insurance. 

  • Can I convert my Cache Coins into Base Coins?

    Yes! You can convert your Cache Coins to Base Coins at any point to be spent anywhere just like cash, wherever Mastercard is accepted.

  • Do You Have a Referral Program?

    We do! And we’re so glad you asked, and happy to hear you’re loving Cache!

    When you refer five friends to Cache, you’ll receive 10,000 Cache Coins when they sign up*

    10,000 Cache Coins are equal to $100, or your currency equivalent.  Full details regarding our referral program can be found below. 

    Eligible users: In order to be considered an eligible user, you must maintain a Base Coin balance of at least 20 Base Coins for a minimum of 90 days after your last qualified referral signs up. At the end of 90 days, you will receive your referral bonus if this requirement has been met. Eligible users must also have chosen “yes” when asked to participate in the Cache Club upon signup. If you did not click “yes” upon signup, you can change this at anytime within the left hand menu panel inside the application. 

    Qualifying referral: In order to be considered a qualified referral, each referred user must sign up with a unique code from referee. Each referral must also choose “yes” when asked to participate in the Cache Club during the signup process to be qualified.  If they did not click “yes” upon signup, they can change this at anytime within the left hand menu panel inside the application. All five referrals must sign up with your unique code in order to qualify.

    Payout will only be complete after 90 days, and after the successful five qualifying referrals have created an account with your unique referral code and selecting “yes” when asked to participate in the Cache Club during the sign up process. 

    Terms due to change at any time at discretion of Cache and without prior notice. Cache reserves the right to refuse payout. Future changes might come into effect retroactively. 

    *Ths referral program is only available to users in the US, UK and EU

  • When will my Cache payment card be available?

    We aim to have your Cache Mastercard in your hand by early 2020. Time will vary by your current geography. Stay tuned!

  • Can I spend with my Cache Card outside of the application? I.e. at the grocery store?

    Yes you can pay wherever Mastercard is accepted. You’ll be able to spend in the form of a virtual card online, and soon as a digital card on your mobile device.

    We’re working to provide you with a physical card in the future that you can use at even more offline merchants, like the grocery store.

  • I was an early adopter of Cache, what happened to the previous model??

    Thank you for being an early adopter of Cache! Based on your feedback we have decided to phase out the initial model and have developed a new model that gives you even more possibilities to earn and spend. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Experience team at help@getcache.co

  • I’m an existing investor. Is changing to the New Model going to affect my current investment in the previous model??

    We are phasing out our past program and it will currently not be available to new users. That said, as an existing user, you will not have to wait until your investment matures to receive your funds. Instead, your initial investment will be reflected in your new Base Coin Balance and the amount you’ve earned to date will be directly reflected in your Cache Coin Balance.

    From now on, you will continue to earn every month and do not have to wait until a maturity date. To give you even more options to earn even more in the future, we’ve already added you to our Cache Payment Card priority waiting list. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Experience team!

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