• Where is Cache available?

    Cache is currently available in the United States, European Union, India, Canada, Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Egypt, Iceland, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, Ukraine and UAE. We are working on making new countries available.

  • What currencies does Cache support?

    Cache currently accepts USD, GBP, EUR, INR EGP, AUD, MYR, SGD, PHP, HKD, MXN, CAD, BDT for topping up your Base Coin account. Your default currency is automatically detected based on the location in which you sign up.

    If your local credit card allows for currency exchange to top up your account with us, it can use other currencies for top up – yet you will likely incur currency exchange fees set forth by your own bank. Stay tuned as Cache will be accepting other currencies in the future. We hope to soon add BRL, LKR, JOD, MAD, TZS.

  • How can I add money to my Cache Account?

    You can use the same common payment methods you would use elsewhere to deposit or transfer funds. You can use a debit or credit card to top up your Cache account.

    We’ll soon offer bank transfers in selected regions.

  • What is a Base Coin?

    A Base Coin is a digital representation of funds you can top up your account with. Base Coins are a digital currency that can be used just like cash, anywhere Mastercard is accepted with your Cache Payment Card (coming soon!). Base Coins can also be withdrawn to your bank account at any time.

  • How much is a Base Coin worth?

    You will receive 1 Base Coin for every $1 you have topped up your account with. For example, if you top up your account with 100 Base Coins it’s the equivalent of $100. If your default currency is not USD, you will receive the current exchange rate equivalent of your local currency in Base Coins.

  • Can I transfer my Base Coins outside of Cache to another bank account or card?

    Yes, you can transfer your Base Coins you have added with a card back to a bank account at any time. The bank account must be registered to the user of the Cache account in the same legal name. Transfers cannot be completed until a full KYC process is complete and your identity has been verified.


    We currently support SWIFT withdrawals for all countries we are available in, and offer ACH for the US and IBAN for Europe. 


    Please note: We do not support debit and/or credit card withdrawals at this time or usage of IFSC bank codes.


    There is a minimum withdrawal limit of $10 or your local currency equivalent. In order to withdraw funds, 
your identity has been verified to prevent fraudulent activity and protect the integrity of your account. That means a valid government issued picture ID has been approved.

  • Can I spend with my Cache Payment Card outside of the application?

    Cache Payment Cards are coming soon!

    Cache Payment Cards will be available for users in 2020. 

    When your Cache Payment Card arrives, you can spend your Base Coins, just like cash, wherever Mastercard is accepted.  

  • Is there a minimum or maximum account balance?

    In order to get started, there’s a low minimum account balance of $10 or your currency equivalent. The current maximum account balance is $10,000, or your currency equivalent.

  • How can I send funds?

    Great question! With Cache, you can transfer Base Coins to any other Cache user, or simply invite the intended recipient to join Cache. You can send Base Coins to any user, regardless of their Base currency, instantly and seamlessly. 

    We recommend you only transfer Base Coins to other users you know and trust. The send function is not intended for usage in the payment of goods and services. You assume full liability for your actions when you transfer Base Coins to anyone and we reserve the right to cancel, revert and block any such transaction for any reason.

  • How much is a Cache Coin worth?

    One Cache Coin is redeemable for the equivalent of 1/100 USD. If your default currency is not USD, the value would be the equivalent in your local currency at the current exchange rate with USD.

    For example: 100 Cache Coins = $1
    1,000 Cache Coins = $10
    10,000 Cache Coins = $100

  • Do you accept crypto currency?

    No we do not accept any crypto currencies as payment, only fiat funds.

  • How do I spend my Cache Coins?

    Think of your Cache Coins as cash back, only better. When you convert your Cache Coins into Base Coins, you can spend them anywhere Mastercard is accepted as long as you are using your Cache Payment Card.

    Cache Payment Cards are coming soon!

    Once you convert your Cache Coins to Base Coins, you can also withdraw them outside of the app.

  • How often do I receive Cache Coins?

    Cache Coins are frequently and automatically deposited into your account, we like to call it #CacheDay. Frequency of deposits is subject to change at the discretion of Cache.

  • Are my funds protected by a deposit insurance scheme like FDIC in the US, or the European deposit guarantee scheme?

    No, we are not a bank and therefore do not offer deposit insurance. 

  • Can I convert my Cache Coins into Base Coins?

    Yes! You can convert your Cache Coins to Base Coins at any point to be spent anywhere just like cash, wherever Mastercard is accepted on your Cache Payment Card.

    You must have a minimum balance of Cache Coins of 2,500 before you can convert any additional ones to Base Coins.

    Cache Coins allow you to earn on your balance, consistently. You will be required to have your ID verified for a conversion.

  • Am I able to open more than one Cache account?

    Each individual user is eligible for one singular Cache account. We reserve the right to check valid ID documentation to ensure each individual account was created by a unique individual. 

  • When will my Cache Payment Card be available?

    We aim to have your Cache Payment Card, a global Mastercard, in your hand in 2020. Time will vary by your current geography. Stay tuned!

  • How does the Daily Giveaway Promotion work?

    Cache gives you consistent monthly returns but daily, those returns are never the same. When you guess how much your daily return will be,  you’ll be entered to win  $100, or your currency equivalent! The Cache Daily Giveaway Promotion will run through the month of March.

    Qualified Guesses: In order to be considered a qualified guess, you must meet the following requirements:

    1.) Have opted in to join The Cache Club. If you have not yet opted in, you can opt in at anytime on the left hand menu.
    2.) Submit a daily return guess of anywhere between 0.00 – 10.00%. Guesses must be in this format to be successfully submitted. You must be the first person to guess the reward correctly to win.
    3.) You must send Cache to a friend using your specific referral code. For every person that signs up with a valid email address using your unique code, one corresponding guess will be entered to win.
    4.) There is no limit to how many guesses you can make per day, but you must meet all requirements in order for it  to be considered a qualified guess.                                        

    1.) A new winner will be announced every 1-7 days within the app, depending on your location.

    2.) Winners will receive their winnings immediately in the form of a Base Coin deposit that is their currency equivalent.

    3.) To withdraw funds, users must have a valid form of government issued ID uploaded to their account to verify their identity.

    Other: This lottery is in no way associated with Apple, nor is Apple a sponsor of any kind.  Users must be at least 17 years of age to participate. Terms are subject to change at any time and without notice. 

  • How does the 10 Cache Coins a day Promotion Work?

    To be eligible for participation in this promotion, you must have a Cache account registered and verified in your own legal name. Only one account per person and device.

    The promotion is running through the end of June but can be shortened or extended at any time. In order to be considered qualified for your bonus you must meet the following requirements.

We reserve the right to freeze, deactivate, delete and block users from our platform if they do not comply with our terms or we have reason to believe we experience fraudulent usage or activity, not in line with fair usage policies.

    Giveaway Rules:
    1.) Your reward will be deposited as 10 Cache Coins into your account 24 hours after you log in to your Cache account, only once per day.
    2.) You do not earn your Cache Coins if you do not use Cache for the day.
    3.) You cannot earn more than 10 Cache Coins per day for this promotion, per user, per device. Any fraudulent activity or abuse of this will result in a shut down of your account.
    4.) The current reward schedule payout is as follows: 10 Cache Coin per day, available after 24 hours.
    5.) You will receive your daily Cache Coin deposit 24 hours after you have logged in. And only once for every 24 hour period.
    6.) The daily Cache Coin credits per day we are giving come at the sole discretion of Cache and do not represent a right in any way.

    Withdrawal Rules:

    • You must convert your Cache Coins to Base Coins before you can withdraw.
    • You can only convert Cache Coins to Base Coins above 1,999 Cache Coins
    • You can only withdraw your earnings after the promotion period is complete.
    • Identity Verification: If you do not have an ID document issued from the country your account is connected with, and you cannot provide us with a document proving you are residing in the country you have signed up with. We have to close your account and forfeit any rewards.
    • We might grant early payouts as a courtesy to our loyal customers, however, these do not grant you the right for early withdrawal for future payouts and cannot be requested by a user.
    • Terms due to change at any time at the discretion of Cache and without prior notice. Cache reserves the right to refuse the payout. Future changes might come into effect retroactively. This promotion is for a limited time only.
  • What is your refund policy?

    All sales are instant, final, and non-refundable. You cannot request a formal refund, not limited to but especially no refund for card payments. You are accepting these terms for every payment via an opt-in field you need to click before getting to the purchase page. However, if you do have a legitimate issue please always contact our support team and we will find a solution.

  • Is there a minimum age to use Cache?

    You must be over 18 years of age to open a Cache account.

  • Do you have a referral program?

    Not at this time, stay tuned for any future referral program opportunities! 

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